1659 Francesco Ruggieri

“During my career I have had the great privilege of playing on a number of extraordinary instruments. However, the exquisite tone and broad palette of musical colour, combined with the depth and complexity of the Ruggeri’s sound, perfectly complement the range and diversity of my repertoire. The violin is the ideal extension of my personality, capacity and passion as an artist. I cannot imagine a better instrument for me now and in the future.”

Davina Clarke

Davina plays on a 1659 Francesco Ruggieri violin, generously loaned to her through the Stradivari Trust. The instrument carries a proforma certificate from Ingles and Hayday, dated 2014, which describes it thus: 

The back is made of a single piece of maple cut on the slab with irregular flames of medium width running horizontally; the ribs and scroll are of similar wood; the table is in two pieces of regular medium grain; the varnish is of a golden brown colour. The instrument is labelled Hieronymous Amatus Cremonensis Nicolai filii ac Antonii Nepos fecit 1659. 

A Trust known as the Davina Clarke Violin Trust has been established, and will own the violin on behalf of the Contributors. The goal of the trust is to allow Davina to one day own the instrument outright. If you would like to make a donation to the Davina Clarke Violin Trust, please download and complete this form

To read the complete funding proposal by the Stradivari Trust, and for further information about making a donation, contact Davina directly

Davina is grateful to Sir John Eliot Gardiner CBE, the Stradivari Trust and VEC Acorn Trust for their ongoing and unwavering support.

The Stradivari Trust

The Stradivari Trust